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Im 25 live Cali i use weed for medicinal helps relieve stress i also have serious lower back problems so it also helps sooth my muscles at night and helps me sleep. I always wanted to grow weed idk its not more so for the weed it just kind of amaze me how a seed can turn into this big ass plant and the science behind it is crazy so thts what got me interested started smoking senior week of my last year in highschool i can stop if i want not really addicted just dealt with alot of trama and stress on a daily basis so it helped me get through alot of dark days


Grow Journal of the Month: Nov 2017
Welcome to you! You will find more than a wealth of information year. You will also find nothing but great people to help you should you decide to go ahead and take the plunge into growing.
There is also a lot of great information in the medical marijuana section of the forums. If you are using cannabis medicinally, I would like to suggest that you go visit that area of the forms as well. Just as anywhere in these forums, you will find great and knowledgeable people ready to help with any questions you have. Also, anywhere here on the Forum, suggestions and opinions are more than welcome. Welcome again, and may God bless.
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