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About second week in flower... Yellowing starting on lower leaves


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First timer, and although I've learned a lot I still feel totally clueless about a ton of stuff. What's normal etc. My plant is about two weeks into flower and a few of the lower leaves have started to yellow and then dry up and drop off. I still have a long way ahead so I was wondering if this was normal for this time or if I should be concerned. I was using regular plant food but will now switch to a flowering one, is this the cause I'm wondering? Thanks


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I thought nitrogen as well, but I was fertilizing regularly, I'm hoping the flowering fertilizer makes a difference. And I have yet to test ph of anything, I was winging it so far but now I am so interested in the process I'd like to know what's up. I will be testing soon, thanks. :)


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6.3-6.8 seems to be the agreed upon range for soil. 7 is a little high, but shouldn't prevent the absorption of Nitrogen much.

How long has the problem been visible?
If only recent, then it may be Nitrogen deficient, especially seeing that you've just started to flower.

I've noticed strains also tend to start yellowing during flower. How far into flower that it starts to yellow depends on the strain.

What strain are you growing?


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I have no idea what strain it is, I am assuming it is a sativa due to the lighter, skinnier leaves and fullness of the plant but not sure what specific variety. It did start right before I noticed she was flowering, I went and bought some flower booster fertilizer yesterday so I'm hoping that solves the problem. The top part of the plant looks great, I just wanted to make sure I was doing everything I needed to to look after her if she is having a problem.
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