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about that racing accident


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I'm sure many of us have heard about the guy Tony Sterwart hit and killed on the track, and that he was high at the time. I just don't see it, so was he ? or did he just positive for doing some recently. That's all it takes to be held legally liable in the workplace I woud assume the racetrack too. anybody have any insight on procedures the coroner used to make this claim.


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I really doubt he was high. The media twists these things around all because he had THC in his system. I also doubt anyone that's racing will do so right after consuming Cannabis. Hell, I won't even drive a couple blocks to the store after I've smoked.

People that race have loads of safety equipment, fire retardant suits, gloves, neck braces, helmets, roll cages, seat harnesses, fire extinguishers, etc.. I just can't see someone going through all that trouble, and then smoking up right before a race.

I do tend to believe the story that Kevin Ward got angry over being knocked into the wall by Stewart, and got out of his car to start some trouble/complain about it because he may have believed that Stewart did it on purpose.


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I could see somebody doing a sport like car racing stoned. The right strain could make the lines to take a lot clearer, the wrong one would make you apprehensive and careful. Getting stoned and snowboarding, you can rip it. Playing football and it can turn you into a spectator. But I thought they said the driver that got out of his car and got hit had the thc reading in his body. Shit circumstance, what the hell was he doing walking in middle of the track, but how does a professional driver hit him when there was all that time and room to avoid him. It's all just weird and a terrible thing for all involved.
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