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About to Harvest! Infestated with 2 kinds of Aphids


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Ok Everyone. I have 3 plants in a store bought coco/soil medium under 500 watts of all around mixed spectrum 2700K & 6500Kfluorescent (CFL and T5 panel) lighting that have been FIMMED and TOPPED I am in week 9 of flowering after 2.5 months of veg ( I fimmed and topped a lot) and am within 3 to 10 days of harvest according to trichome development (goal is 50 percent amber). nearly 50 percent of the pistils have changed to red and the trichs are 65 percent milky, 25 percent clear and 5-10 percent amber. I just noticed a huge problem.

Today I noticed that the youngest of my 3 plants (2 weeks in flower) had a pretty aggressive leaf aphid infestation on the top of one of the branches facing the back of my grow space that I do not always daily inspect. The top 4 leaves had a number of small green baby aphids and several adults. Both the top and the bottom of the leaves were affected.

I removed the plant and cut off the infested leaves (only 4) and cut off the top of the branch. I inspected all the leaves for aphids and saw none so then, being medicated, and not thinking, just reacting I also drenched it and the other 2 plants in Safers Insecticidal Soap to ensure that any unforseen aphids were eradicated.

I sat down and went online and started to read up some more on aphids and Safers Soap (I know I should have done this first) and now have come to the conclusion that maybe it was not so smart that I applied the safers soap so close to harvest.

So. I let the safers soap dry on the leaves for a few hours and then rinsed, with my shower head, the plants of the safers soap thinking that it would leave a flavor contaminating residue on the leaves.

While my plants were drying after the wash job in front of a fan I noticed in the drain pans were swimming of many, many nearly microscopic black dots. I have identified the culprits as root aphids and it appears that I have a pretty bad infestation. The severity of the root apihd situation is more prevalent considering I have had a perceived fungus gnat problem in the past, which is actually the adult version of the root aphids, that I had been treating with the safers soap a few weeks ago.

All three plants have stalled out at 3.5 feet tall, are extremely bushy, look healthy dark green and have very well developed thick colas (see pics) but my next batch of 5 clones (nearly ready to go into flowering) have exhibited some wilted misshapen leaves and have crawling things in the soil and had flying bugs that I treated with the safers soap a few weeks ago.

So All my plants are infected Vegging clones and nearly done flowering plants.

My questions are:

1.) Should I go ahead and harvest my plants that are within the 3 to 10 day window of being done ASAP, or Let them ride till done while continuing to monitor the situation, or purchase an organic or chemical soil treatment and finish flowering them out?

2.) My nearly done vegging clones: I am not going to trash them so should I treat them with a chemical application, or go organic with a fungal treatment? and them my next round I will start over with new medium and sanitized equipment.

I included pics to show how far along in flower my plants are.

I expect I will be able to pull 3-4 oz of dried buds considering I have 5 main huge colas/branches each will yield at least 5-7 grams each and then 24 colas/branches that will
yield 2-3 grams each and a SHIT load of smaller buds & popcorn buds that will yield .1-.5 each.

bro those are some nice plants you have going on, especially for floros. I would just harvest now. I never let my plants go that long, as soon as I see5-10% amber, they are cut down. When the trichs turn amber, they're dying and the THC potency is trailing off and converting into CBD's.. You're probably losing potency by flowering that long. Again it is personal preference, but I've found that weed harvested a little earlier (70%+ cloudy) smokes like a completely different plant.

As far as the bugs go, I'd just cut them down. If they're causing stress on the plant, it will be working harder to combat them rather than finish up your buds.
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