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? about trimming during grow

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Hello I've got some girls and their i'd say half way too three qtrs way threw flower is it ok if i trim pan leaves back so flowers can get more light and has anyone used Nectar for the Gods nutrients I'm useing tritons trawl and herculean harvest on some auto i have going on 18/6 1000 watts hps and right now one of them looks good the other two look ok I'm hoping the nutrients I just started giving them will make them shine like a ruby in a goats ass hillbillycabage out
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Re: ?? about trimming during grow

hey thank you how much exp do you have bro im like a shade tree grower learning as i go as we all have i have some really nice strains and i exp with some auto flower this time around so i have my light on 18/6 watching nice flowers get bigger at the same time i have my single stain in vegataive stage hell its been nice man i wish i was from or lived in cali hell im hombolt county they actually have growing college classes wtf here we are having to be in the back round this country is soooo fucked up with its laws and how much they variey from state to state lol
Re: ?? about trimming during grow

I do not believe you should be defoliating auto strains.
Re: ?? about trimming during grow

Stalling growth during veg if that is when the stress occurs will result in less vegetative growth before flower which results in a smaller yield.
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you guys are true stoners i would never trim leaves during vegatative grow thats a no brainer you need to put the crack pipe down and read the post before you make urself look like a dumb ass it reads trim leaves during flower actually 3/4s of the way threw flower is what i asked so wow yea thanks but no thanks
I'm not sure u understood what he was saying there. The part I missed was auto. You know because u didn't really lay out the info that is asked at the top of the FAQ. I still think he is correct about defoliating an auto and I believe what he meant to say that defoliating in veg can cause stress and stunted growth resulting in less yield. He actually helps a lot of people on here including me when I first joined. Wish u the best of buds, mostly because u should chill out. So smoke hbcaba :lot-o-toke::adore::19:
The response in post #4 covered the defoliating of your initial question. As the the question of why I am sorry I made a mistake and gave unwanted information on the stress during vegetative growth. The same reason applies to defoliating during flowering for auto strains.
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ok if you say so then ive fucked up my first auto grow ive got one berry ryder that i have not touched ill not trim it and see if the lower flowers get as big as these ones ive trimmed back so the light can hit them i mean i didnt go crazy just trimmed off some of the leaves so light would hit the lower flowers and ive got my room fuul and my buddy is borrowing my light mover witch i cation people to do because you never get your shit back when you want it pce
OH!! I just realized why I answered the "WHY" question the way I did.

I read and answered your question properly in post #4. Then when you asked why and I saw it the next day, I glance up an inch and saw the title of the thread "? about trimming during grow" I answered the title of the thread not the question in your initial post.