Absolute N00b and need some help/advice - Amnesia Haze Auto-Flower

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hey everyone, just got some seeds from crop king and ive never done this before... ive watched some videos on you tube about growing the auto flower but once it gets to the point where its potted in a small potter what do i do next regarding light and temperature and proper soils to use? when do i transfer it to a larger pot? do i need to change the amount of light it receives? i dont even know what kind of light bulb i should use lol. im sorry again, totally rookie with this but i dont wanna mess it up. if and when the mature plant yields, am i able to keep growing from the same stalk or do i have to clone/get new seeds?
thanks again.... ANY info in the right direction would be great.
You got it...during and after you begin..ask away..the Peeps here will gladly help you out! :welcome: