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Acapulco Gold Review


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Acopulco Gold is a heavily sativa dominant strain from Barneys Farm. I grew mine in Fox Farm Ocean Forest and it did pretty well. Ive grown this strain a few times but this last season was the best. Its very easy to grow indoors. Ive used HPS and Black Dog LEDs and prefer the LEDs. Its not a very large plant considering its lineage but the buds are like hand grenades. All about the same size and super dense. The bud color is unusually dark green.

The taste is very unusual, it kind of reminds me of rootbeer Bottlecaps (candy). The taste lasts throughout the life of a joint and is very stoney, up to 30% according to the breeder. Its a clean buzz that hits you in the head, not so much in the body. Barneys calls the medical benefit of this strain a medium. I recommend it for a fishing trip with the boys



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did it stretch? did it use a lot of nutrients or show any deficiencys? what nutrients did you use with the ocean forest soil?
i want to try this strain soon!!! good job on those colas!!! take a puff for me
Not much stretch. I grew it with a scrog and without. As for nutrients I use Gen Hydro trio, silica, Koolbloom liquid and Mendocino Avalanche. I dont push nutrients so there was no burned, clawing leaves.

You should try this strain. It's easy to grow, it produces good tight buds, and the result is killer nugs with an unusual taste, and smell
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