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Accidentally left the lights on during dark cycle!


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So my roomate went in to work in the garden just before the dark cycle last night and left the door open and room lights on in the room, stoner!
So the plants are in flower, one side is 3 weeks out and the other 7 weeks from harvest. they got 9 hours of light before I caught onto the mistake, I closed the door and turned off the lights, now they get 3 of dark before the lights come back on... Will they hermie?


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You shouldn't have caused any problems. Alot of weird things happen in nature & the plant usually grows on. I've read that light poisining is a factor to some strains forcing hermies or other unwanted sex type things to occur, so don't mess up too much. If I'm growing clones, alot of time I don't seal my bloom room from my veg, and I've not had any problems with light leakage.
No worries CG, keep us updated.
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