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Accidentally used non-organic Ph Up and Ph Down in organic soil for 1st watering.


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I recently l got a 4x4 tent set up with a 315w CMH and a 6" max fan for pulling air out. I only have 1 6" intake atm, but I'm going to get another one in there here soon.

Anyhow. I have a Skywalker clone and a Fruit Punch clone that I bought to start growing. I have them on a 18/6 light cycle for now.

I got some Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil and the guy at the hydro store said I should be good on nutes for 3 weeks of growing. He knew I was trying to grow organic, so he got me set up with all my organic nutes for later(Fox Farm "Dirty Dozen" box). I asked if they had Ph Up and Ph Down, and apparently the guy just grabbed General Hydroponics products off the shelf for me. I'm fairly new to this as I have only had friends who grew in the past, so I just took it and used it to adjust the Ph of the water without thinking too much about it, and Ph'd it to around 5.5 because that is what I remember from my caregivers hydro grow. Since I have watered them the first time, I have found some conflicting information about whether or not I should even need to Ph the water I'm giving to the plants in organic soil. Either way, it sounds like using non-organic Ph Up and Ph Down very well may have fucked up my soil and using the incorrect levels in the water may be contributing to that.

Is there any way I can remedy this? Hell, is it even that big of a deal if it was 1 watering? The article I read makes it sound like it's going to kill a lot of the microbes that I need in my soil. I hope that isn't the case, however I would like to get ahead of whatever damage I may have done. The plants look ok, but I'm not sure it will hold up. It seemed like a rough transplanting. There was a lot of soil that crumbled around the roots that it did have. Is there anything I can do to stimulate root growth without adding nutrients? Would increasing the dark time a little(13/11 or like 14/10) work, and would that be safe?

Here are pics from this morning(note: I added a little layer of drier soil on top in order to support the stems a little bit better so it looks a tiny bit drier than it is):


Fruit Punch

Pics about 7 hours later:


Fruit Punch

Unfortunately I don't have good pics from the 1st day, but as you can see, it looks like the Fruit Punch may be having some issues(leaf is looking pale green). I don't think the lighting is hurting it, although I may be wrong. I have the lights mounted about 18-24 inches above the tops and when I rest my hand over the tops it's a comfortable temperature.

Ph Info Sources:

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It's on ------------ dot com

Adjusting your pH when growing in soil damaging your plants!

Thanks in advance!
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