Ace Panama, Groot, In High Brix

What strain is it? Panama, by Ace seeds.
Is it Indica 0%, Sativa 100%
Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Currently in veg (35 days since pop)
Will veg: Until plenty root bound, or having problems keeping healthy.
If in Flower stage... Flowers for 9-12 weeks
Indoor or outdoor? Indoor 2'X3' tent
Soil or Hydro? Doc Buds High Brix Blend
If soil... What size pot? 1.38gal in veg/10gal in flower
Size of light? 250 watt DIY LED panel
Temp of Room/cab? Day 78-80/ Night 68-72
RH of Room/cab? 50-65% Day/ 45-50% Night
PH of media or res? N/A
Any Pests ? No
How often are you watering? When needed
Type and strength of ferts? Adjust as they go/ Variable

Decided to start this grow journal... it is my first so please take that into consideration.
I will post a few pics of Groot, from pop to present. She still has a ways to go before she will need to be transplanted but I will try and get everything up to date pretty quick.
Here she is so far, Just pics for now... I will get all my handwritten journal items typed up later on.

Ok, so ima just do this catch up the easy way, I’ll be copying from my journal and pasting straight here.

Using my new root builder pot, it is 1.32gal. Planted a panama seed today.

Panama finally came up. Really small runt looking thing.

Panama received Transplant Drench (6ml+Tea 1ml) in 3qts water.
Growing pretty slow up to this point. So we shall see if this Transplant Drench works well. This pot dries out pretty fast...

Panama, Groot (thank you Dr. Ziggy for the name idea) received Transplant Drench (6ml+Tea 1ml) in 1gal warm water.

She seems to like this pot so far, we shall see if it helps the root development.

Groot received Transplant Drench (9ml+Tea 2ml) in 1.25gal of warm water. Got nice bubbling action this time! Been upping the water amount until i was able to get nice bubble action. 1.25gal Water is about perfect for this pot.

Groot received Brix (7ml+8oz water)

Groot received Growth Drench (8ml+Tea 2ml) in 1.25gal warm water.

That’s all for now, will do at least weekly updates. I will also be including pics of my White Widow Noel here and there just for fun.
Thanks for looking!!
Hey there @Gazoo , happy to have you aboard! So far, with the root builder pot, I have noticed it drys out pretty fast. With an oscillating fan going 24/7 it seems all the extra holes in the side cause it dry significantly faster than a typical 1 gal. But hey, thats ok I will make it work this round and if I decide I dont like it I just won't use it again.

Hey there @Graytail , hope you're doing well! Happy to see you around here...

Thanks @neikodog , I'm hoping with a bit of luck, some occasional help, and @Doc Bud 's awesome kit, I will turnout some awesome produce here.
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