Ace Panama, Groot, In High Brix

Thanks everyone! Yep.. those are some pretty serious colas for indoor grown. Hard to believe its my plant that I grew:rofl:
But yep.. it is, with some help she came out pretty good. Now I have rally learned a valuable lesson with sativas, no need to feed em heavy in bloom. At least not like the indica hybrids I have grown that seem to like a lot more.

Same here Ween, question on yours... what node did you top at? And do you think topping is necessary with the pupil magoo? Been debating how I want to grow most my plants... natural, or minimal training. I would like to keep them around 5' or shorter...
Oh yes Duggs, I have some new found respect for all you sativa guys... it does take some patience and skill to bring some of these ladies home. You guys brought the skill, and I attempted to be patient. In the end it was worth all 160 days worth of tending and care.
I don't remember when i topped but think it was around 5th or 6th node. My pupil Magoo is very small, kinda disappointed. I would top and train and veg long if you can. It's very medicinal per mass Med. Smells are great and those little colas are hard as rocks. I would top yours now or go un topped if you want, either way you'll be good. I had and continue to have lots of issues with my grow because of my new house situation which is actually stalled right now, ugh.
Yup. Many thousands of dollars in, almost to the closing with the bank and there is an issue with my survey, need an easement from my neighbor or lot line adjustment from my neighbor and not sure she'll give it to me. I'm holding out hope but not much, very discouraged. I need a new house!
Yea Duggs, I will get me some A5 later down the road. I wanted to get some asap upon release but just short on cash these days. But I will grow it out, probably later this year...

Hey, thanks KB! Mmhm... that cob will be awesome! Just gonna vacuum pack it branch and all, then I can just peel buds off down the road. Of course I got this idea from @SweetSue ... I cant take credit for it.

Thank you MoN, now to see if I can keep them looking better for that long flower in the future!
Looking forward to your next update... you sure grow pretty plants for someone who has never grown before! You sir, are knocking it outa the park!

Awesome, thanks Ween... I will keep that in mind. I think I may top her, but not train her out too wide. With this new tent, and me wanting to be able to do 3 10gal at once... I want the plants to be a bit skinnier and taller so they aren't too crowded. That Destroyer was a good height, and it self topped... so if I can top once and get similar results I would be happy with that.
I sure hope everything gets straightened out soon on the house situation. I know you guys have been waiting a long time already!
Congratulations Daj! :welldone::goodjob::bravo::yahoo:

I, for one, am envious. :)

... although ... 15+ weeks? ... sheesh ... fun to watch though, huh?

A great time to chop 'er, too. It looks like she was growing bigger sugar leaves, getting ready to stretch some more.


Daj, that is a great harvest for sure. You are going to have to put some side extensions in the Ctron just to get it in there. Ya, you need to do it whole that would be so flippin cool.

Congrats again on a stellar grow.
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