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Beautiful Tang, I'll be growing out the Honduras x Panama soon, beans are on the way. The Pineapple Banana Bud is still sold out but they have the Purple Satellite back in stock so that will be in my order today along with the Thai Chang Mai x Panama. So many new strains not enough room to grow them all. I still have a shit load of R&D and testers to pop too. How does the Mulanji compare to ACE's Malawi?
Hi my friend your going to love the Honduras x Panama I'm sure. I cant wait to grow mine but I cant start another grow until August.
Got some serious fishing safaris coming up the Aussie winter heading north following the warm weather ha ha.
PM me if you want some Mulanji seeds my friend.

The Mulanji is nothing like Aces Malawi its just as strong but the high is very different crazy laughing grass i get visual hallucinations when looking at peoples faces.
For example if the person has a prominent nose I fixate on it and just piss myself laughing you cant control yourself ha ha.
If the cops pulled you over you would find it hilarious and not be able to stop laughing ha ha.
It really fucks you up all over it hits as you smoke it (from memory ha ha) one hit is enough but your usually on number 2 or 3 before you realize you should have stopped at one ha ha. You would love it.

I have the Chang Mia x Malawi (Golden Tiger 3) to still grow as well. I stuffed up my last grow gave them to much nutes and they lifted the roof I had no space for them (nube error) It will not happen again I will starve them until flower next time.
Ace just keep pumping out the great strains the Spanish really know their stuff thats for sure.
Stay cool brother


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She is beautiful isn't she. Thanks Duggan, they are definitely breed well for indoor growers. I have the lights moved around for pictures but its very easy to get light all through the plant. I have two clones right now. One i have up potted to 5 gal and is 18" tall which is about the same height this one was started into flower. It will be up potted to 10 gal in two weeks and thrown into flower. The other is about 10" in a 5 " nursery pot i will put it into 5 gal in two weeks then up pot it to 10 and flower once its about 30" or so


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Unfortunately this is the Bangi Haze harvest update.
We probably could/should have let her go a little longer but found a couple nanners so said screw it better luck next time. Trics were mostly cloudy no amber. Total harvest wet weight 191.3 gr. Not great but for a 28"plant not bad I guess
36 gr of popcorn that will make a nice cob and 154 gr of decent bud.

We kept the nanners and will throw some pollen on our Sensi Star for shits and giggles.

Bangi Haze Harvest day 67 12/12



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