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ACLU files lawsuit over Michigan State Police


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for their use of a device to steal citizens mobile phone data. This lawsuit was met with a request by the MSP to pay for the Freedom of Info Act (FOI) request for some $500,000. Ugh-now we have to fear pictures of our beautys may be used against us or our friends may become involved when the MSP snatches your phone if you get pulled over, phone gets seized.
Important note-a supreme court (unsure if its US or state) has ruled your personal phone isn't off limts to any search. Most, if not all phones are lacking good encryptions to safeguard any data (phones can be broken into-backdoored very easy-google it).
So an important lesson is to not have incrimidating info on any cell phone guys & girls. Oh, yeah another thing-I wish I could spell prior to the use of the computer...:)]:peace2:


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Re: ACLU files lawsuit over Michigan State Police..

Good points. Far too many people think it braggable to carry pics... and sadly they're also the ones who are likely to get arrested it ripped off by showing everyone their girls.

As Gandalf said "Keep it secret, keep it safe".


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Re: ACLU files lawsuit over Michigan State Police..

Not only that ,but i have heard of alot of people being BUSTED because,and get this ,they were dumb enough to have pics of everything including a family shot out the front of their house,but the device also had pics of his grow room, plants in flower,veg everything!!!!!! ALL DOWNLOADED ON THEIR IPOD or MP3 players!!!!!!!!!


Re: ACLU files lawsuit over Michigan State Police..

Michigan is already Broke & I hope this results in a lot of those useless state boys having to get a real job and actually do something useful.
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