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ACLU tells Senators to ignore Gov.


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American Civil Liberties Union of Washington is urging WA state senators to ignore Gov. Chris Gregoire's threat to veto a bill that would set up a regulated medical marijuana dispensary system.

The House and Senate have passed legislation to license dispensaries.

But after a warning from federal prosecutors of arrest liability for employees who break federal law, Gregoire said she'd veto legislation that requires state workers to implement a licensing system.

The legislative director of the ACLU says the federal government has never prosecuted anyone who complies with state laws that license and regulate medical marijuana.

Shankar Narayan says in a letter to senators that the measure contains important tools for local governments.

He says Washington residents want the state, and not the federal government, to make medical marijuana laws.


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It was a terrible bill to begin with but if I was the legislature I would pass it and place it in the hands of Gregoire. I wouldn't mind seeing it pass just so that we could force the legal issues of the feds overstepping there constitutional authority.
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