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ACMM Special Meeting Scheduled for Monday, June 20

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Todd Dalotto, Vice-Chair of the Advisory Committee on Medical Marijuana, announced a Special Meeting for Monday, June 20, 2011 from 1pm to 2:30pm in room 1-E of the Portland State Office Building located at 800 NE Oregon St.

This meeting is specifically to discuss the impact of the proposed increase in medical marijuana fees from $100 to $200. Barry Kast, interim director for the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program, will be in attendance. The meeting will be focused on alternative solutions to the budgetary demands being placed on the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program.

"The agenda is all about developing an alternative fee structure proposal that doesn't involve prohibitive fees and losing thousands of patients. It is a public meeting and there will be time for public comment at the end."

Patients and advocates are encouraged to attend. Todd commented that all who plan to attend should keep the following in mind:

"Very important - I understand events over the past couple weeks have generated a great deal of anger towards OMMP staff and administration. If you feel it's important that your concerns are heard, I strongly recommend you voice them in a constructive professional manner. The ACMM is in a good position to minimize the damage of this legislative mess and a show of displaced anger would severely compromise our ability to fix things".

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