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One cup of worm castings, compost or boogie brew mix

One scoop of great white or similar mycos

5 ml orca

25 ml unsulphered molasses, sugaree, or other natural sweetener of your choice

5 gallon bucket of water that has already been sitting out bubbling overnight

30 ml general hydroponics blend or other vegan additive with kelp and other vegan ingredients.

As many air pumps as you got, bubble stones or soaker hose for airation, nano bubblers are the best, the more air the better.

Alot of people put their worm castings or compost in a bag, not me, I put it in a cheap food processor with some water and grind it to sludge.

Mix all ingredients, bubble overnight, the next day you should have a thick foam and any minor non pest related deficiencies you have will usually go right away. It also prevents, repels and kills alot of soil born pests.

Some people add one cup per gallon of water and then add nutes and pH before using. I pH full strength gallon jugs full and use straight. I "try" to do one tea per week until mid flower.

Organic pest prevention that makes your plants super happy.
I'm doing my first indoor soil grow under LEDs ever. I've been super lazy and just used a generic compost and then started adding 1/3 strength GM nutes. I was super pleased when I saw a number of spiders set up camp in the tent almost immediately after I cleaned it from the previous grow. I have spiders hanging from the rafters right in front of my face and I wouldn't have it any other way! Consequently, wee little beasties have not been a problem in the tent. However, I just wanted to say that I like your idea; give me natural any day! Also, I peeked at your profile and enjoyed the way you had personalised it. :thumb:
This is what it looks like right after you make it, just made this earlier today.

I will upload the finished tea pic tomorrow after its done.
Nice recipe! I have some boogie brew myself. Also have some EWC, alfalfa meal, kelp meal, bat guano, and humic acid...mostly for when the boogie brew runs out. I think I need to get some mycos...its the one thing I havent added to my grow. I was gonna go to the forest here in the fall and find a few different hosts and put into my next batch of tea.
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