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if you are a colorado patient or caretaker you need to help get this overturned.

taken from sensable colorado website:

Colorado Action Alert
Safe Access to Medical Marijuana is in Danger!

The Colorado Health Department is acting to restrict patient access to medical marijuana. In March the Board of Health will be voting on a rule which would rip patients out of safe caregiver relationships, and force them into the streets in search of their life-giving medicine. Help fight this threat to safe access by showing your support on March 18, 2009.

What: Solidarity event to help protect safe access to medical marijuana

Place: 4300 Cherry Creek Drive S., Denver 80246 (Colorado Health Dept. Building)

Time: Noon on Wednesday, March 18

What else: This is NOT a rally. This is a formal hearing and we NEED you to dress nice and act in a professional fashion. Signs and banners will not be allowed in the building– so don’t bring them. If you have a compelling story which you would like to share at this Hearing, please send an email outlining your concerns to brian@sensiblecolorado.org

what they are trying to do is restrict the number of patients a provider can have to 5. this in essence makes despensary and delivery services to the home bound imposible. they did it before but it was a private meeting so we were able to get it over turned, now they are again trying this time by the light of day. if they win it will have a devastating impact on the still wet behind the ears medical marijuana industry here and as well will re-criminalize my grow
if this passes i would be forced to ileagly provide for one of my patients. the constitution does not place any limits on the number of providers.


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