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I was recently introduced to the AE100X which is a surprisingly very good quality $20 100X pocket scope - even includes a sizing retiticle, very bright clear image that will show your trichs in amazingly good detail...good enough to show that mine are turning milky with a few ambers and it's time to begin my 2 week nute-free flush! :cheer:

Now I'm wondering about their other pocket scope which is a 60x-100x zoom for roughly the same price. Have any of you used both products and can offer an objective comparison between the two? Having the 60x and zoom capabilities available on the same instrument would make locating areas to be examined a trifle easier but not if the overall quality is crappy as many of these inexpensive models unfortunately are.

What say you? Any one own or has used both of these critters? I'm guessing that the dual power model is not going to measure up to the single power 100x model, but then I also would have never thought a $20 pocket scope such as the AE100x would offer such a clear image either. :peace:
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