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Activism, Knowing Your History And Facts

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If you've made it here to this wonderful place called 420 Magazine, you found yourself taking the first step towards becoming a Cannabis activist whether you know it or not. No matter what reason you initially came here for to begin with, you've found yourself in one of the finest learning centers on the planet for Cannabis knowledge and if you care at all about this beautiful plant we all love, you should be taking full advantage of the vast information available to you to learn everything you can about it, from it's fist known accounts to the present days of borderline legalization.

Most people, myself included, came here initially to learn how to properly grow Cannabis, while others come here to learn more about how to treat ailments with Cannabis, but why just limit your knowledge to those singular concepts and not take it to new levels of knowing where we've been and where we're heading with the legality of Cannabis? Wouldn't you want to have an educated answer for any naysayers that dispute the potential legality of Cannabis in your arsonal to go along with whatever knowledge you we're seeking when you came here to start with?

The illegality of Cannabis from it's first conception to present times is interesting to say the least, it's been froth with racial biggotry, fear mongering, propaganda and just plain good old fashion greed and it's taken over 100 years for people to finally start seeing through the bullshit and disproving the notion of Cannabis being a substance of death and distraction, when in fact it's been it's illegal status all along that's been responsible for all the blood shed and lives destroyed. It's been the laws themselves and not the plant that's cause us so much death and distraction all these years.

Today we are just now finding ourselves on the threshold of a golden age where the concept of doing away with these horrible laws once and for all is well within our grasp if we will just keep pushing the issue and opening blinded eyes for the first time ever, but we must first arm ourselves with solid undisputable knowledge of what it is we're fighting for in the first place.

When talking to people about why Cannabis should be legalized, we'd damn well better have a definitive, undisputed and educated answers to give them when they start spouting out the unfounded, propaganda based lies of the past, otherwise we are just blowing unfounded smoke up their asses. In even better words, get your facts straight before you speak, otherwise your no better than they are and you have no real fact based foundation to work with.

We all know and agree that real changes need to be made and we all have a responsibility to do our part to see that generations to come can live in a world free of persicution, rhedoric, violence, racism and the destruction of the past. Making Cannabis illegal has turned out to be one of the biggest blunders to mankind in all of history and it's up to all of us to undo these mistakes of our past, but without the proper education and facts to back us up, we can all expect more of the same condemnation we grew up knowing.

With all that being said, I challenge everyone to read, research, learn, grow stronger mentally, get involved and stay involved until we can all look back and be proud that we all chipped in and did our part to undo one of mankind's biggest travisties and mistakes in history! The real question is, are you willing to help your fellow man and seze on on an unparralled moment in history?
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Search results for query: Cannabis history

Here is a good place to start your research and mind development for those new to Cannabis and even for those life long Cannabis consumers who haven't given much thought on why it's illegal in the first place. Some of it is enraging while some is down right laughable but all of it is tragic in the fact that so much suffering has been imposed on humanity.

As long as tens of millions of us keep sitting back and doing nothing about it, history will keep on repeating itself over and over again.

I invite you all to dig in and learn and share and research some more so we all have a strong foundation to work with when we're out there putting nay Sayers in their place. I personally find it very gratifying to stop someone in their tracks with real facts and statistics when they start with their government induced propaganda.

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The Emperor of HEMP - Jack Herer Documentary

Ok guys/gals, this video about Jack Herer's quest to enlighten the world about Hemp and Cannabis should be everyone's first order of business to understanding what the Cannabis plant is all about and should be the catalyst that drives people to understand why this mission is more than just about getting high, it's about oh so much more than that my friends! It's about making sure that mankind sheds the cloak of deception, lies, bigotry, propaganda and the destruction of both people's lives as well as the planet itself.

This ladies and gents is why people like myself are so passionate about finishing what people like Jack started all those years ago, we need to see this through to the end my friends, we are so close now we should be able to taste it!

The way I see it, is that if we don't get inspired and passionate and find it within ourselves, and that means each and every Cannabis user in this world, to fight with everything we have to keep carrying this torch to the finish line of REAL freedom, then we have no right to complain anymore about it.

Sure, it's fun to come here and learn about growing and post bud pics and all that good stuff that most people come here for, but the real stuff, the stuff that really matters and creates a real impact on humanity itself starts with this! It's the activism part that holds the biggest reward of all as it's the part that truely matters in the grand scheme of things golbally!

Unfortunatly Jack Is no longer with in us in this life so he can't carry this torch anymore, so it's up to us to pick up where he left off and see Cannabis legalization through all the way to the finish line, we ALL owe it to him, ourselves and the planet itself to shit or get off the pot people...you all know I'm right about that!!!

Question is, what are YOU prepared to do about it???
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What can I do?
Firstly, read all you can and develope a good base of knowledge about why Cannabis should be legal in the first place and teach what you know to others every chance you get.

Have the facts straight and be ready to debate anyone who comes at you with old played out lies and propaganda as well as new lies and propaganda.

Stay up on current events by reading news articles and watching all the latest documentaries about Cannabis, stay informed and current.

Try to get your friends involved and doing the same things and explain to them that they should be fighting for Cannabis as well. Educate both yourself and your friends and they should follow suit and do the same

Send letters every week to your reps and government officials. Sign pititions, hand out fliers, basically do any and everything you can think of to get the word out and gather troops.

The unaware and uneducated need to be educated and made aware of how close we really are but that we all still need to be pushing the issue until the war on this wonderful plant and the people who love it is over once and for all.

Stay positive, stay current and most of all, stay involved

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