Activists March To Advocate Legalizing Cannabis

Jim Finnel

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Eureka,Ca.- Approximately 20 people gathered in front of Humboldt State University’s main gates Saturday morning before marching to The Arcata Plaza to promote the legalization of cannabis.

The rally was organized by HSU’s chapter of NORML, or the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws.

The event was scheduled to coincide with a worldwide day of protests as part of the 2007 Global Marijuana March.

Many of the demonstrators present felt that too much money and resources are being wasted on enforcing marijuana laws, diverting attention away from other issues.

“There are a lot more really important issues to deal with,” said Gabe Shames, an HSU student and legislative member of NORML.

Shames gave an example of the shutting down of a homeless shelter.

Other demonstrators advocated the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes, and the use of hemp products as an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional construction products and paper-making processes.

Some said cannabis could be used to feed the hungry, providing a source of omega nutrients.

Jason Robo, president of HSU’s NORML, said California currently provides a large amount of funding to the prison industrial complex and that the California State University system loses federal funding when marijuana laws are enforced on campuses.

Robo said the drug war is racist, disproportionately affecting a large number of minorities, and takes funding away from other areas, such as education.

“It’s not productive to our economy,” he said.

Nathan Lou, an HSU botany major who also studies cannabis, said the protest was a gathering of everyone who has a similar mind-set about cannabis and the reasons it should be legalized.

Lou said it is unfortunate to see the health and well-being of the planet being sacrificed when an environmentally friendly product like marijuana is available, yet remains illegal.

“Not only is it right, it’s necessary for evolution,” he said.


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Keeping the forward momentum going with the goal of legalizing, regulating and the taxation of all cannabis products, is commendable to those who can demonstrate in a peaceful and educating manner. The overall economics of legalizing and taxing of cannabis products will make the United States of Americas Governments Billions of dollars of revenue, both on a State level and Federal level. How and what the Tax dollars will be used for is up to the people to decide upon. Information and Education that provides accurate unbiased reporting of the economic factor alone should be presented to the American, Canadian, & Mexican people to help decide how legalization, importation and exportation of all cannabis products to and from the United States will benefit rather than drain and destroy the economy and can reduce crimes associated with the current situation, reduce jail space and the costs associated with housing a person incarcerated for marijuana and or cannabis realted products. The end of all prohibition of cannabis, marijuana, hemp, and all classifications of, must be overturned.
It is ironic that the United States of America has a prohibition of marijuana act in place and yet during WW2 Hemp was grown, harversted and used for rope that assisted in maintaining a supply for the Military. Double standards only apply in certain conditions. This being only one of those situations.
April 20th should be designated as a day to legally & peacfully protest the prohibition of marijuana and be used to generate in every state, the awareness and benefits of legalizing, regulating, and taxing all cannabis products. This being until all prohibition is repealed overturned and new policies put in place to effectively assist in regulating and taxing of marijuana and cannabis products.
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