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Actual Law In Spain About Growing Cannabis


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Very good information here, what about outdoors on a plot of land?

I'm thinking about bying a small finca and put a caravan on there and grow my own food, electricity from solar panels etc.. ;)
Hi Fejkmin, did you move to Spain as intended? I'm interested in the doing something similar so any info or experience you've got would be great.


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He, old thread. Alicante area.
Never EVER did anything arise from that, we never heard anything.

Yes I am growing again, but only TWO plants (keeping strict now even if it's often tempting to germinate more) at one time.

To all the others: The police and guardia civil ARE WELL AWARE what's going on and that people grow here like crazy. I can look through local news, there is no week where there is no major bust somewhere in the area. Sometimes, they bust large grows, at times 100s of plants, and then often also people with weapons (knives, guns, whatever etc.) or money stashed etc. Many times this involves Brits.

Just saying that the cops here know what's going on, so have common sense. If you grow, keep a reasonable number of plants and if ever someone comes, if you have only 2 or 3 plants it's *likely* you won't get into troubles. But if you have your house full dried buds, and bags...and scales....things could get ugly. Just saying...common sense!


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From what i understand. Each autonomy (governing body of a certain area) can set their own rules about growing and how clubs operate. In Lanzarote (where I live) there are many clubs, 90% are coffee shop style, 75% accept tourists... Clubs are supposed to be non profit - but can pay salary from sale of weed to the people who work there. one guy who had too many dispensaries and club member lists of 10,000 people because of tourists, he got shut down for drug traffiking (I think he's in prison now.) However a new shop opened in same place with same staff and you still can get nice bud from there €6 to €8 and they accept tourists but can only grow enough bud for your holiday stay which is 90g if u were staying a month. Everything is logged at this club on a computer so its all monitored. However there are lots of coffee shop/cscs that still accept tourists some charging outragous prices of €15 euros a gram for seedy weed, and ive never seen them enter shit on a computer or write anything down, just sell u weed. Im pretty sure large grows arent allowed still, even for the clubs. The clubs only have license to supply weed, they can aquire it from black market or use small grows between the members and share the extra weed out with non growing members. As soon as you do a big grow and try make profit ur breaking the law.
I've been doing a lots of research in starting a club and even found some weed friendly lawyers to help. Soon ;)


High everyone, like it has been said, it is illegal to grow marihuana here in Spain, even one plant. All you have to do is having common sense. If you grow one or two plants at home away from your neighbor's sight, be careful with odors and not telling anyone what you're doing, you will not get into trouble. The authorities look for dealers and major grows, as long as you are discreet and just keep it for your own consume you won't get into trouble ...


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In spain what is isnside your house is inside ur house. What u do in ur house is what You do. (at least Tenerife). My friend go to the police station and asked about growing weed. The police said: quote"u can grow for ur self 4-5, 6plants as long as u r not distributing. Try not to show to others".
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