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Adamo`s - 1st Low Budget - Indoor - Soil - Autoflower Grow


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Hey what's up man. Looking good. I think everyone's been helping you out quite well. I'm a rookie myself. I mist as lights turn on and I don't have an issue with burning leaves. They soak it right up. I'm by no means a pro though

Thanks man , I looked at your grow journal too your plants are really nice ;) ;)
Hopefully mine will be fine in the next couple of days, It doesn`t seem that bad for now anyway ;) ;)
happy growing ;)

OEF Vet 11B

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Thanks man , I looked at your grow journal too your plants are really nice ;) ;)
Hopefully mine will be fine in the next couple of days, It doesn`t seem that bad for now anyway ;) ;)
happy growing ;)

Thanks. They're really starting to grow. I can't wait to fill my flower tent. Already looking up. What size pot are you transplanting to?


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Thanks. They're really starting to grow. I can't wait to fill my flower tent. Already looking up. What size pot are you transplanting to?

Hi OEF, I`m happy to hear it`s going all well for you ;) ;) !!
To answer your question, I wont be transplanting. There are couple of reasons why ;) First of all Autoflower strains are growing really fast and have a short life, when you transplant the growth slows down, which is okay if you want you plants to get big. However as you can see I`m a bit short on space :D Basically I did my research and found that if you plant autoflowers into 4 gallon pots they should be just fine ;) ;)

Hope this helps, best of luck with your grow !!!!:high-five: :peace2:


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And a quick update on the plants ;) ;) they are doing really well, The yellowing on the edge of the leaves are still there and 1-2 of the leaves still point downwards but it does not look like it`s a big problem, because all the new leaves look healthy ;) ;)
Here are some pics:



Northern lights on the right really start picking herself up, and the AK well... speaks for herself ;)
What do you guys think ??? ;) ;)
I have one question, I saw that all the new growth seems to be tangling up and all the leaves are basically touching each other... Is there something I should do ?? Should I cut some of the leaves or soemthing ???? :p

thanks guys for the help !!!!
Happy growing !!! ;) :tokin:


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Perhaps some lst could be useful for you, as well.
Arteekay has some great examples in his journal, for reference.

Thanks Yeats, appreciate the help ;) ;)
I had a little accident with one of the plants, I broke off 1 of the smaller branches on the bottom :/ It looks fine for now ;)
And today I saw the first few signs of flowers !!!! ;) ;)
I was thinking of maybe changing my feed to the one for flowering stage ????
And maybe change my light cycle for 20/4 ???

Thanks for the help , Happy growing everyone !!! ;) ;)


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This is how the plants are looking now ;) ;) still growing a lot each day looking very good 4 and half weeks ;) ;)



Some of the leaves are still yellow, I will watering next time with no feed , gonna switch my light cycle to 20/4 to for the for now maybe even 18/6 during flowering ;) ;) Then gonna start giving them feed for the flowering stage :)


Also you can see where I had to cut off the branch :/

But overall looking good, hopefully my adjustments will make the yellowing go away ;) ;)
Thanks for the help ;) ;) ;)
:thanks::420::peace2: ;) ;)


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Hey guys hows everyone???? ;)
Just a quick update on my plants:
I switched the lights to 18hrs on 6 hrs off and I was very surprised to see how much the plants grew in the last few days :) Im still trying to figure out what should i do with soo many leaves on the bigger plant , lol :D but both plants got taller and have a lot more leaves to show for.... still very small signs of flowering and more of the leaves on the bigger plant are curling downwards and are yellow or brihgt green :50: :/ Any tips ???
I`ll post pics soon ;) ;)


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How is it going everyone ??
I haven`t posted in a while , but I have a few updates of the girls ;)
I switched to 12/12 light cycle and the plants seem to be loving it !! ;) ;) I could not believe when I saw northern lights auto turned out to be the taller plant.... :11: I have also been trimming those leaves that ddnt look healthy or were to tangled up on all the other leaves ;)
Here are the pics ;)

I still didnt see a lot of flowering even tho the leaves are getting frosty in places and they started really smell.... I purchased an RVK fan and rhino filter to get rid of the smell It should arrive next week so I can let you guys know if the filter helps.
I also bought today the bloom nutrients I need for the flowering stage of the plants so hopefully hey will get them sto really flower soon ;) By the looks of it no i will still need abut 4 weeks before I`ll have decent buds ;) ;)

Happy growing everyone let me know how you are all doing !! :)


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The rvk fan and rhino filter arrived Friday ;) ;)
I will install it tomorrow and let you know how is it doing.I wired the fan and turned it on and it was way more quiet than I expected !! ;) ;) I will also post pics of the girls tomorrow , I can see some small buds forming around the plants !!! ;) ;)

The real fun begins :lot-o-toke::3::3:


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Looks like I've timed it perfect, watch these girls smash it at the finish... Really healthy lookin girls,awesome... Another man here, lol..


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Gonna start setting up the fan in few hours, gave some feed to the plants, today they just got the Alga Bloom 4ml per 1L, I gave 1L of water to each plant ;) ;) ;)
Here are some pics ;) ;)

and justto show you the feed I`m using and the rvk fan and filter ;) ;) :

Hopefully my buds will get nice and big in the next weeks ;) ;)
I`ll post pics when I`m done with the setup ;)



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Hey guys I have few updates on the girls !!! ;) ;)
So I have the fan and the filter up an running, Also made a "tent" out of black bags and duct tape in the wardrobe aaaaaaaannnnddd.... there is no smell.... nothing.. only if i open the wardrobe !!! ;) ;) Very happy with that ;)
Also the girls have been flowering quiet well, I will definitely keep them for another 3 weeks I`d say;) ;)
Here is northern lights, she became a very nice looking plant ;) ;)

And Ak

And the two girl together ;) ;)

What do you guys think ???
There are many smaller buds also growing all around the plants , I`m very happy looking at them now I`m hoping for about an OZ each which would be very good for a 350 $ setup ;)

All the best !!!:high-five::peace2:


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Damn man they are doin great! :goodjob: The size of some of them fan leaves if awesome. Treat her good, that bitch can strangle ya! :19:

Haha thanks so much , they really grew more than I expected !! ;) ;)
There is a monster leaf on the AK still in perfect health, its bigger than my hand lol :laugh2::laugh2::laugh2:
I will probably try to preserve it somehow :D ;) ;)
I will def post pics of it ;) ;)


David Bowman

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Hope all is well in your world.

Is this grow still alive?

We would love to be updated with some pictures and info.

How about posting a 420 Strain Review?

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I am moving this to Abandoned Journals until we get updates.

Sending you lots of love and positive energy.

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