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Add Activist Corner option to the Activism tab and drop down menu

Captain Cannabis

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I believe it would be helpful, and beneficial, if we could make it easier for visitors and members to find discussion on Activism for Cannabis.

The current location can be found in the legal section, but there is no mention of the section on the Activism tab. I honestly just learned of the Activist Corner, and the threads there. I did check the Activism tab, but honestly never scrolled down to the legal section--lazy on my part, but I'm one of millions, and that's my point.

We need to make the option for people helping this movement easier to find. Although my state, Michigan, is legal now at a state level, Federally we still have an uphill battle.

Can I get any support for this change?

420 Warrior

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I agree with CC that the "Activist Corner" is a little hard to find and if it were on the first drop down in the Activism section instead of being tucked away as a sub forum in the 420 Legal Action section, it would most likely get allot more hits than it currently does.

As you guys are well aware of I'm sure, some of us, especially in non-legal states like mine are here to fight the establishment and this forum will be used as our venue to bring Cannabis awareness to the masses but it would be a shame if the masses are having a hard time finding it.

Thanks guys, much love and mad respect for all you do for us


420 Warrior

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Thanks Teddy, you rock brother :48:

Captain Cannabis

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Noted. :thanks:

I've reported this for discussion in the back room, and will post back here.
Thanx! You guys do a great job around here, and it's very much appreciated.

Teddy Edwards

420 Staff
@Captain Cannabis @420 Warrior

420 Activist Corner is now easier to find - under the Activism drop down menu.

Thank you, gentlemen, for bringing this to our attention. :circle-of-love:

Luck 'n' love to you in your work. :Namaste:

420 Warrior

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Because y'all are AWESOME!!!!! Thank you guys so much guys! I can't ever say enough how much I love you guys and how grateful I am to be here

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