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Adding a second hid.bare bulb or reflector?


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Greeting fellow growers and smokers. I am a medical marijuana patient in Oregon and am also my own grower. I am running a Sun System "Blockbuster" 6" reflector with a 1000 watt Sun System Switchable ballast. Bulb is a Sun Master Cool Deluxe i believe and my metal halide is also a Sun Master. I have the reflector mounted on a "No Holes Bar" light stand. Exhaust is vented into the ceiling of a finished basement and works very well believe it or not. It is very cold in my basement. Just bought a dehumidifier as well. Oscillating fans and box fans provide ventilation. My basement is finished and is wired very well with 200 amp service. There is plenty of room to add a second light and I want to add a 1000 watt or possibly a 1000 and a 600 watt CMH light so my plants can get a more full spectrum of light. Hopefully producing more potent terpinoids. I was thinking of getting another blockbuster reflector but I am open to suggestions. The "Blockbuster" reflector I have works well as far as I can tell but I think the Magnum XXL would be better because of the wider spread of light. As far as bulbs and ballasts go I wish I could get a digital ballast but it's out of my price range. I was thinking of getting the Hortilux EYE bulb. I will be using this with a Deep Water Culture hydroponics setup and will probably go with a Sun Systems switchable for a ballast. I am growing 6 plants under 1 bulb and I hope to be able to grow at least double that as I am becoming a grower for another patient. All comments and suggestions are welcome!


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If you're pumping warm moist air into an area such as the ceiling of a finished basement, I hope you're putting back a lot of money for mold-abatement. It's not cheap.
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