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Adding Active Nitrogen

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Worm castings are one of the best fertilizer and soil additives. Worm castings are mostly nitrogen, and it is in a form the plants can use immediately. It is also a gentle form of nitrogen, which is important to young plants. Most importantly, each casting is coated in living enzymes and beneficial micro-organisms as it passes through the worm. Worm castings should be about 20 percent of your soil mix, or less. Take into consideration that other parts of your mix, like FoxFarm, may already contain some worm castings. Castings are also used by themselves or with guano to make nutrient tea.


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Thank you Moose. I wish i was where you are. I love the continent. Have visited twice. Done some surfing. Done some diving. Done some hiking. Your wildlife is insane and i'm sure that the growth is completely perfect. Great humidity and a tropical environment. I have a tropical climate, somewhat. You have the great continent. Wish nothing but big buds, and far colas.
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