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Additional Details On Prize Shipping & Customs Duties

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Prize Package Shipping
Shipping fees may apply to some packages shipped outside of the U.S.
You are responsible for any additional fees applied by Customs.
Customs and import duties on any goods will depend on the individual country.

Prize Package Tracking
With so many contests and even more winners, we unfortunately don't have the time and resources to contact Sponsors for members that haven't received their contest prizes. Our job is to send the Sponsors your shipping information and then it's your responsibility to make sure you receive everything. If you need a Sponsor's contact information, it can be found at their website on the Contact Us page. You can also send them a DM through our direct messaging system, if they have an account in our forums. If you've contacted the Sponsor more than once within 30 days with no response, we are happy to initiate a DM or send an email with you cc'd to the sponsor.

Prize Package Gifting
Due to the nature of numerous, confusing logistics involved, we are unable to offer gifting of prize packages to other recipients. When we tried this in the past, delivery times got pushed back weeks waiting for everyone to reply with contact information, which caused delays in getting prizes to everyone. This resulted in a massive drain on our resources when everyone started asking where their prizes were and why it was taking so long. Some have even gone as far as to complain in public about us being lazy stoners, completely undermining our credibility and generosity for organizing these contests to begin with. Mistakes in translations have also occurred, wasting valuable time, energy & shipping costs. You are more than welcome to gift your prizes to anyone you wish, after you receive them.

420 Magazine - Free Shipping Worldwide

GeoPot - USA only (excluding Oregon)

GeoFlora Nutrients - USA only

Cannabis Irrigation Supply - USA only

Remo Nutrients - USA and Canada only

NextLight - USA & Canada only

PerfectPipe - May ship outside the USA

Mars Hydro - US, Canada, Australia, UK & European countries only

Sierra Natural Science - USA only, excluding Hawaii & Alaska

Lookah - Ships outside the USA, no PO Boxes, and will not pay VAT tax or customs charge

GreenSafe - Ships free to the USA, outside of the USA - winner must pay shipping

Prescription Blend: USA only
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