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ADG's Hempy 250W/400W PLK Grow


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Hello everyone I'm new to 420Mag. i used to use roll it up but they changed thier forums page around and i can't seem to navigate my way around anymore. I've been lurking on other forums since then and i have decided to sign up here at 420.

My name is ADriftingGinger but there wasn't enough room for my full name so you can call me ADG for short. Now I'd like to say my grammer sucks but i try so please excuse that.

What strain is it? PLK (Purple Lemon Kush) A strain i crossed myself and this will be my first time growing it.
Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? Hybrid and i believe it is mostly indica.
Is it in Veg or Flower? Flowering now.
If in Flower for how long? Different stages from 1 week to 4 weeks.
Indoor or Outdoor? Indoor.
Soil or Hydro? Hydro via hempy bucket.
Size of light? 250w for veg 400w for most of flower.
Is it aircooled? Yes .
Temp of tent? 80 at the highest but normally sets on 76-78.
RH of tent? 55-65 a lil higher than what i want.
PH of water? i try to set it at 5.8 even.
Pest? no besides the random fly.
How often do i water? anywhere from 3-5 days depending if the bucket is empty or not.
Type and strength of fert? Botanicare at the recommended dose.

I'd like to tell everyone a little about my setup before i get to posting all my pictures from this grow.
I have a 2x4x7 Lighthouse Hydro grow tent that i picked up from GothamHydroponics.com. I must say for the price of $119.95 its definitely worth the money.
I'm also using a 400w Lumatek ballast with a 6in YieldMaster aircooled reflector.
Right now i have a offbrand 400w mh in i will change it out in about 2 weeks for a 400w hortilux HPS.

Now for a ton of pictures. I'll try to sort them the best i can.

Lifespan of PLK Pheno A.

Pheno B was a male so i tossed him and deleted all evidence lol.

Lifespan of PLK Pheno C.

Lifespan of PLK Pheno D.

I cloned the 3 female plants. This is the clones lifespan. I started flowering as soon as they had roots. -Clone 1.

I also started some seeds from another strain i crossed. SLK short for Spice X LemonKush. I started them 12/12 from seed i will consider them to be flowering at the first sign of pistols.

SLK Pheno A.

SLK Pheno B.

SLK Pheno C.

SLK Pheno D.

SLK Pheno E.

Any questions feel free to ask. I don't object to advice or friendly post but please keep any negativity out of this thread.


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First update

PLK Pheno A. Flowering Day 1

PLK Pheno A. Flowering Day 7

PLK Pheno C. Flowering Day 21

PLK Pheno D. Flowering Day 28

PLK Clone 2-7 Flowering Day 14

SLK Pheno A. Veg Day 15

SLK Pheno B. Veg Day 15

SLK Pheno C. Veg Day 15

SLK Pheno D. Veg Day 15

SLK Pheno E. Veg Day 15


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Today's update has some bad news but plenty of good to make up for it.
Let's start with bad news out of the spice x lemon kush 2 turned out to be males so they're getting chopped. Now on the bright side 2 are females and 1 that looks like a female but I'm still unsure. It'll show more development in the next few days so we'll find out then.
Everything is going good all the plants are looking a lot healthier than they was a few weeks ago. Also got my 6in in line fan from ventech yesterday so it's now hooked up and I'm happy with it considering the price. Works much better than the inline booster fan i had before.
I also ordered a 400w hps bulb from hortilux yesterday so it should be here sometime this week.
I will post pictures tomorrow unfortunately i can't directly unload from my phone.


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So here are the pictures i promise.
here is phenos A,C,D in order. Day 14,28,35 of flower.

Here are the clones i took from the top three plants they are on day 21 of flower.

And finally the spice x lemonkush on day 22 of veg. i will also consider this day 1 of flower since they are already showing first signs of preflowers.


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Well i can't seem to not chop buds off the oldest plant recently took the 2 smallest buds.
I received my 400w hps in the mail the other day so my pictures have the red tint but it's bright and the girls love it.

i didn't get a picture of the clones i was tired and figured i could wait for tonight when the lights come back on.

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