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Advanced Nutrients Dr. Hornby's Sweet Leaf Info


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Thanks for the reply, Racefan. The Sweet Leaf nutes are mostly raw cane sugar (0-0-1). Can you comment on using sugars (e.g., cane sugar, molasses) during vegetative and flowering phases? My aim is for a sweeter harvest.



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You know...I'm not blowing you off here but madamcrash or rangerdanger would be the one to ask about using sugars. I don't use them myself but they seem to like what they do for them. I tried the botonicare "Sweet" and didn't see one bit of difference. But like I said...those two talk of using sugars a lot on here and would know. Shoot them a PM or I'm sure they will see this post when they can and reply. Both like to help and are good at it.
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Excellent! I just ran a search on it, and those two individuals sure do know their sugar boosters. I have decided that, although one poster recommended that they not be used in hydro setups, I will add it to the reservoir throughout the flowering phase.

Thanks, Racefan, for your comments.


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Hi there doobiedoo. I would add molasses or SWEET (same thing just thinned out) to the reservoir during flowering, just make sure not to go crazy with it.. don't want to gunk up the airstones/drippers/pumps/etc....



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Thanks for the heads up, MadameCrash! I used the AN Sweet Leaf product in both of my reservoirs, and I found that it caused blockage problems in one of them and was not a problem in the other one. For anyone who wants to try AN Sweet Leaf in their hydroponic system, I would advise against it for systems with tiny sprayer nozzles and/or tubing.

I will report back in a few weeks with a smoke report (Dutch Passion Power Plant) after using only AN Sweet Leaf during the final five days of flowering.


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DP's Powerplant is quite a uniform grow. No problems at all. Super dense buds. Smoke is a bit harsh--the taste was not remarkable. Very "up," playful, cheerful high.

AN's Sweet Leaf in the hydro setup did little to make the product "sweet" to the palate. I will try it out in soil next grow and tell you what happens. :headbang:
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