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Advice for THC detox

Well, I'm committed to the clean lifestyle. I just can't living in fear and paranoia. I'll have to do my best, Here is the thc clean calculator. THC Detox Calculator - How Long Will It Take You To Clear? - CannaPass Detox
So have to wait about 60 days. I'm studying detox diets now. There's no magic pill, just lots of food and water to move the toxins out. I could get called out at anytime at the company. 3 month temp to permanent. Next test for sure in three months... or sooner. This is hell.

Constance Begood

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Stick with it a better career option is worth it. It's unfortunate though that jobs prevent people from enjoying this herb on their personal time. I could understand use on the job depending on the type of risk that is associated with with it. Hopefully it will change one day. Good luck!!!
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