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Advice - I need a humidifier & timer - In Canada


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Hello Everyone,

First let me start off by saying I am in Canada which limits me to buying in Canada due to exchange and duties etc....
I would love to drive locally and buy it a deal but usually you have to buy from amazon etc so I am flexible.

I am in need of advice on a:

that would have settings to turn on my intake fan for 5 minutes every 45min to an hour to keep air circulation but save on electricity.

having a hard time with my veg getting the humidity up and it stays around 30-35% and will go to 40-41% but then when i turn intake fan on it drops back down.
I have LED Cobs with barely any heat at all.
I put a bucket of water in the tent last night to see if it helps.

Regardless there are tons of options for timers and humidifiers and they aren't specifically built for cannabis growing so I thought I would ask the professionals who have had experience :)

Thanks everyone!


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re: Advice - I need a humidifier & timer - In Canada

I am new to this, so take it with a grain of salt...

I am also struggling to keep my veg tent (4x4x6.5) humid enough. I have a large bucket of water and a warm mist honeywell humidifier ($50) and can keep it in the mid to high 40s with my exhaust and ambient air going. I know I could kill the exhaust and it would go way up, but thats what will be heating my flower room at night so thats a last resort
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