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Advice needed regarding chemical /organic nutes


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So im fairly new to growing indoors and have been using biobizz range of nutes with pm old timer organic pk booster and organic ph up/down as i no they are more forgiving. Now i always said once i have my environment dialled in and had a few succesfull grows i would think about chemical nutrients as it seems from what i have read that the yield and thc production is better but its a bit of a minefield so heres a list of questions/queries.

Is there a big difference in chemical nutes and bottled organics in soil? Maybe switch to coco.

If using chemical nutes in soil is there any need for checking ppm like you would in say coco or hydro?

NPK's seem to be lower with chemical nutrients? eg - Plant magic coco bloom NPK: 4.1 – 2.5 – 3.8 and Biobloom NPK 2.0-7.0-4.0. Is there any reason for this as 2.5p compared to 7.0 p seems like quite a big difference?

Are yield and trichome production really that superior?

Sorry if the questions seem daft but iv done loads of reading but would prefer discuss it as i seem to be going round in circles haha.

Thanks everyone appreciate your time.

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Most folks that grow organic (or as close to organic as they can) do so for that reason alone, so it's not a "variable" they want to change. So many variables IMHO it would be hard to say "my results are due to ___ (nutes, light type, water type, etc..)" as hard to have "scientific" evidence when it is hard to have a control group, as different seeds of same strain can act different and even cuttings off same plant some thrive and some you fight the whole way thru. I've put enough crap/chemicals into my system over the years (and still do with food as not doing so is expensive and time consuming, both of which don't fit in with my current situation) that I try to limit that when it comes to what I"m smoking personally. It is getting harder to go by reviews anymore as: are they paid by a Sponsor?, do they just have an axe to grind with a company and they didn't even use/buy the product?, were other variables the reason for their results and not what they think it was?, etc.... If you are having good/decent results currently with what you are doing is it worth risking getting worse results to get better or more volume? As you can end up with something nasty about as easily as you can end up with something better (woohoo I got twice as much, oh wait it tastes like crap though). But that all just in my opinion, I try and grow with the K.I.S.S. method (keep it simple stupid) as much as possible and IMHO have had pretty decent results for someone that been doing this almost a year now.
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