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Advice on a new glass piece


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I have finally decided to make the change from a metal pipe to a glass. I have always been fond of metal. I have always been around metal and never used glass very often. Glass pipes have become much more popular in the modern day, and I figured it was time to make my first purchase. I started online and found a ton of options ranging from bubblers to vaporizers. The options are nearly endless, and I was hoping for some feedback and help.

I have always had a small metal pipe. It was easier to carry around and store in my opinion than glass pipes. I just come from a place where metal is the preferred choice for smoking, and I have always liked my little baby. Glass has always been a bit bigger, and that has always kept me from making the shift. However I am at a point where I have grown to love the look of glass. The colors and designs are amazing. Metal pipes just cannot reach the same degree of beauty that a glass can.

So I started looking online to see what I could find, and I was blown away by the number of different options available. I found myself on Wikipedia just searching for information and discovered this cool page Bong - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia that discusses everything you could want to know about bongs. I don't want to purchase a bong because I don't want anything that big sitting in the house. I thought the history of it all was really cool though.

I found a bunch of different shops online. I found everything I could want including bongs, bubblers, vaporizers, gas masks, and regular glass pipes. I was on SmokeWire for about an hour looking at the different options available. Has anyone heard of or purchased from these guys? I have never purchased anything like this online as I have always gone to local shops. However, there are many more options online than I have access to locally.

I have never smoked from a vaporizer, and I am interested in the idea of that, as well. The options available online are amazing. So this is where you guys can help. What is the big difference between each of these different pipes? Is there a huge difference between a single and a double bubbler? Would you recommend a vaporizer over a pipe?

If I want something reasonably small and easy to store, what would you recommend? I don't have hundreds to spend on several different pipes, but I am willing to spend enough to get a nice piece that I will be pleased with owning. I just want some advice before I make a purchase.


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Re: Advice on a new glass piece.

Well vaping and smoking are totally different.

Using a vaporizer will give you a high closer to what you get with edibles. They're safer in the sense you're not smoking, and there is no smoke odor. It's more like pot steam that dissipates quickly. Vaporizers also provide superior taste--even stuff that tastes nasty in a pipe can be pleasant in the vaporizer. Another consideration with vaporizers is that the amount of money you spend will determine the quality and ease of using one. I'm not saying one has to go out and grab a Volcano, but the really cheap ones aren't worth the hassle IMO.

My wife and doc prefer me using the vaporizer. I have one, I use it, but I prefer smoking especially because I gave up tobacco several years ago.

With glass tools the options are near limitless. You can find small glass pieces for a couple dollars or shell out more cash for thicker glass and fancier designs. I've been using the same thick glass pipe for over ten years--wife bought it as a birthday gift when she was called girlfriend. A friend of mine buys two or three $5 pipes very year so he doesn't have to worry about them breaking which happens.

I hope this helps. In my opinion no matter what choice you make you will find that the taste and experience will be more pleasant with glass or the vaporizer compared to metal. I converted a long time ago and never looked back.


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Hiya. Was just having a look at some feeds on here and stumbled Across yours , I have tried many different ways of smoking and vapourizing weed. Pipes I like in particular. At the moment I have a metal pipe with a metal sort of ball on it to let the smoke accumulate. I quite like this, it's easy to use and conceal and it's just a trusty all round pipe. I've had glass and if you get a good one then it will give you a relaxed and laid back high. I particularly like the glass pipes with the bubbler at the bottom , it makes the smoke smoother.

There are 1000's of bongs and some are not for the in experienced. If you are thinking about a bong, see if a friend has one you can borrow to see what it's like. I've got a little yellow bong at the minute. It's about 5 inches high. It's got a nice smooth pull on it and gives a nice buzz but yet flexing at the same time. I had one just before writing this so I hope it sounds ok aha, and a double bubbler makes a colder and smoother smoke. It hurts less on the back of your throat, if their not in your price range then just go for a single. Their just as good. On a gas mask bong you pull it by breathing in with the mask on your face. The weed smoke then surrounds your face and stays there until you have breathed it all in. This gets you extremely high and is not for a novice smoker.

Vapourizers are used to heat the weed until all the good stuff starts to evaporate, hence vapourizer, these are definatly worth a try. The smoke is super smooth and the high is amazing. I have only got a home-made one at the minute but it works and it's smooth.

If I were you I'd try a couple of different ways before making a decision. That way you can be sure that you get the right equipment for you. Ask a couple of your friends if you. An borrow their bong, pipe, vaporizer and just see what you like.

You can always try a market. I get all my stuff from there. And it's cheap too !
As for the online purchase I have used red-eye.co.uk Not sure of any in the US but it's great if you are in England. Most of them are actually quite secure for online payments. I really hope I helped. Good look and I hope you find the one that suits you.


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Hey there! If it's your first piece, go to a local headshop and look around. Depending on your budget and what you're looking to get, there are hundreds of options from bubblers, to spoons, to water pipes and oil rigs to choose from. There's also the option to shop online for smoking devices.

Good luck, and I'd love to see a pic of what you end up getting.
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