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Advice on getting a card


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im 18 suffer from very severe anxiety,panic attacks,stress, and depression which ive inherited from my dad.

ive been on zoloft and other medication for about 2 yrs now and they work a little but give me headaches frequently. I live in so-cal. I emailed the guys over at pacific support services and they replied saying i would be more than likely to receive a recommendation.

ive used marijuana before and gone off the zoloft and it has drastically help my anxiety and stresss. my mom also believes it would be a very very good decision for me.

im curious as to what steps i need to take to sucesffully receive a med card.

i can drive up to pacific support services whenever possible.
i have the marijuana applications in hand also.

any advice would be great thank you


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Hey There
I am also getting my recommendation, hopefully later today. I would imagine some doctors will examine you if you dont have medical records to back up your claim. I just figured bringing all your medical records to the new Dr. can only help the situation.
I was at my regular Dr. yesterday complaining about back pain, I asked him for a cannibis recomendation, but he said he does not recommend cannibis. he DID prescribe me more 7.5 vics, which I hate to take, and wont use, because of alll the side effects. So I found a Dr. from this site.
Good luck with your recommendation.
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