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Advice on harvesting bonsai’d plant

I've done it both ways & you can't taste any nutes at all if you don't flush. I'm on my final 2 weeks with my last 2 plants from this grow & I'm not doing a flush on them. Instead I up the dosage from 50% to 75% strength on my nutes. It does seem to add a little more weight & get stickier that way. Some people just use Molasses Water the Final 2 weeks to increase the resin production & make the weed taste sweeter. I've done that also.
Hmm, I’ve not really added nutes recently so I’ll probs just leave it and see how everything goes!

So my thriches still look clear/milky. Hardly see any amber, however the bottom leaves are yellowing?

What do you think? Time for harvest?


Buds Buddy

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The yellowing leaves are the 1st sign that you are getting close. You are probably a week or so away. You can harvest now but if you do you wont get much of a body high. It will mostly be a head high because the thricomes are still milky.
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