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Advice on what to do with males


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Hey guys well i have 6 plants of some seeds i had saved a while back. Just looked at them today i have 3 Females and 3 Males. Thing is i was wondering if i could keep my Males inside of my garage (has windows with okay lighting) so they could keep growing.I have put a good amount of time in to these plants to the point where i dont want to cut them down and throw them. I want some seeds but i want some good buds. Yeah you guys going to ask what i prefer and yea of course i prefer More beautiful buds who doesn't. Point being is could i keep them apart in the garage with out them pollinating my females?!?!?!?


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Yeah you could keep the males apart without pollinating the females, but be aware that pollen can get everywhere. If you went to look at your males and got some pollen on you, you could transfer that to the females if you checked on them after. Heck, if you've got an air duct connecting the rooms that could even transfer pollen.

If you want buds but also want seeds I'd suggest culling 1 if not 2 of your male plants and keep the best 1 or 2. No point keeping all 3. If you want seeds you want the best seeds you can get, which means the best parents. To make seeds get some of the pollen from the male plant you like (there are a number of threads on here that explain various ways to collect pollen) then dust some of your lower female flowers to make seeds. You can dust 1 female or all of them. You won't need much pollen and won't need to dust many bud sites and you'll get plenty of seeds.


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Keep best male ,separate it.

Kill other 2 males make oil with them.

Collect pollen from male ,pollinate the popcorn (lower nugs) on your female .

Kill that male make oil with it.
Harvest female when done plant the seeds grow a new crop while you smoke the heads of the last crop!


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Yes ,to cook with.

You can easily infuse cannabis into olive oil,rice bran oil etc.
Then use that oil to cook ,salad dressing etc.
It's good for you too.

See my profile picture ,its Jesus healing people with cannabis based in olive oil.
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