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Advice please


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You can wait until you change the Rez to switch over. Just start them on the low side with say 1/4 strength nutes and slowly work up from there. If she’s eating 100-200 ppm per day then there’s your answer
Exactly the digital control panel is the only difference but it really is nice you can put it right next to your tent and have a temp read out right there it has a nice long temp probe with it also when I purchased mine the s models weren't out yet there a great deal also does the same thing but withou the digital panel you can also use the single panel and run 2 fans..

I did this jerryriged setup for now I have the 6inch ipower exhaust fan controller and the ac infinty intake easy to adjust I'm gona upgrade to all ac infinty when I can affoard a s6


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@Pennywise okay thats a better question, how often do you change your res? Once i do you saying kind of how i did it before slowly add until right back at about 1000? Bc yes there is around 600ppm in there but it might not be the nutes it needs/wants.
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@Pennywise so once a week, but u come in at 1/4 strength? Then bring it up to full over how long? Might have found my problem for my leaves curling, yes @GrizzWald right there with you heat, i dunno if any of you foliar feed as well, i didnt know i mean i did but didnt relize how much damage you can do when you spray with the lights on. The leafs and stems cant absorb it quick enough so the mist acts as lens magnifying your light burning it. The leafs take about 15 min or so after lights out to relax. So that is when you want to do it. Penny i know you told me its good to have tight nodes, theres a foliar spray that makes the plant do that and produce more branches.
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Question for anyone, everyday i check PH in the morning and always readjust down to 5.8, however i never completely read (my fault) the instructions and it says 5.5-5.8. What do you guys recommend?


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@Pennywise or @GrizzWald. Anyone that cares to give their input on an ideal humidity reading. I went to the store and got the correct weather meter that shows not only temp but humidity. Since i rigges my AC to blow in my tent temporarily its 77 degrees and 43% humidity.


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Try for 60+ veg 40-50 flower...
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@pennywiseSo they make those spicifically for that or at walmart they had those ones you had yrs ago for kids you put water and vicks in. On that chart i go to where my temp is at and the RH and it has a number in that block what is that.
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@Pennywise dont think clones goin to take was in rigged setup anyways have beans coming, and fan leafs on a branch are touching the back of the tent and the front. So just going to run crash couse in flip her. Leave it be for now trim anything or tie supports?