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Advice to try and save this poor little thing


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Hi all, first time grower but experienced organic gardener here.

so this poor little seedling has been going for 4 days since being planted with a 1 cm taproot.
it popped above surface no issues, but on morning after the shell was still stuck. I gave the shell exactly 3 drops of water via eyedropper to soften it and left it alone, counting on the plant to know what to do. came back next morning, shell had fallen off, but it tore one of the cotyl's and took about half the leaf with it glued to the membrane.

it looks to me like it's wilting and yellowing now. haven't given up on it yet and won't as long as it keeps standing, but if anyone has ideas or suggestions to help the poor girl, I'd love to hear them.

strain : Northern Lights Fem Autoflower
soil : customized Mel's Mix, 33% peat moss 33% vermiculite 33% blend of 8 organic composts.

for comparison, here is the other seed I started at same time, all is looking good here, so I'm somewhat certain that soil/water/nutes are not the issue, everything exactly same except no cotyl damage no stuck shell.
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