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I can't see you will have done any harm to your plants if it's just one feed you've mixed up - if you're really concerned, 420 mag loves to flush, so you could always try that - personally, I'd just get on with it and not worry :Namaste:


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PH? Nutrient line?

Here is something to think on.
And don't feel bad, the companies spend lots of time/money/effort to keep us misinformed.
It is and has been working really really well for them.


So the plan is to pour sodium chloride (table salt) into your "organic" soil containers?

And sadly I thought for a long time (thanks, Rev) that big bloom was a cool and organic product, well it is. Table salt is organic, but isn't something I would want to put into a living soil environment.

The next ones are more evil. Organic based nutrients, companies with this on their labels should be burned to the ground. Shouldn't have to read this MSDS too carefully to see its full of synthetic chelated chemical shit. EDTA.


It blows me away how many people claim that they are growing organically, while using "hidden" synthetics in the bottled nutrients. I'm going to piss someone off here, but it should make you think. If you think you are growing organically or if that is your goal, ask yourself a simple question: Am I force feeding my plants, Or is the soil food web in place and feeding my plants?
That question will lead you right to the path of actual, real organics.

PS, FYI, it is nice to be able to quickly find MSDS. Use your browser and search like this, Productname:MSDS
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