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Advices it's growing and it's smelly


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Hello everybody ,

I got a seed from a guy and i was thinking hey let's see from joke if it's growing . I put in the seed and now after 4 weeks it's having 8 leef's starting to smell and looking good .

The bottom leaf's i think i have to cut them they look without power but the top ones are getting bigger and powerful.
The strain i think it's northen light ? Or something like that and it's growing kinda "outdoor" since i don't want to attract attention but it was growing with bright natural light from outside and natural wind at 18-20 celsius temperature .

Now how i figure it how it is a male or not . I was reading about that but when i find out because i don't see a small stuff coming out of her to see if it's a male ... .

What else i must do it ? I can buy a spray for growin those that you splatter on the leaf's it it's help ?
I heard that when it's starting to smell that means the THC it's rolling around there or something like that .

Best regards guys i know i am looking like a MEGA N00B but i am really a n00b.

So..... yeah i hope for some help for a big newbie :D .



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Of course, you are hoping that someone will magically walk you through from zero to hero, but that's not going to happen. Everything you need to know about growing has already been written over and over and has been distilled into so-called "stickies" on top of each forum.

Read this, at least the most relevant parts of it: How to Grow Cannabis - Everything You Need to Know!

Judging from your post, I'd focus on the bare basics and try to learn by doing.

Then, if you have additional questions you would like answered, feel free to post them here.


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Well How about you post up some picks and we can get started in guideing you to some buds.
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