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Advise please - almost done flowering now turned hermie

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Hi all, only my second post here. I have a 70% sativa which is getting pretty close to finish. She has been 6 weeks in flowering and 50% of trichomes have gone cloudy, the rest is clear. Pistils are 80% still white (it is a haze strain) and 20% red. Now she had a little accident two weeks ago when the top 50 cm kind of snapped (but I was able to put some tape around the bend and she has been fine). However it seems that was enough stress for her to turn hermie. She is now producing a lot of seeds. Since she is definitely the only plant around in 10km I figured that the only way for her to start producing seeds was that she turned hermie, even though I am unable to spot any bananas at all). Only started to produce seeds around a week ago.
Should I harvest and enjoy her for what it is (it does give a decent head I have to say) or let her go full maturity ? Whe would have another week to go on nutrients and then I was planning on 10 days flushing.
I am just a bit concerned that letting her go on as a hermie will have some negative effect. However she does posess quite some THC at this stage. Middle grade I would say, not too strong, but good legs and quite trippy, as you would expect from a very early harvest. (I only cut off three smaller buds located on the low of the branches and speed-dried those to see if any potency is there at all).
What would you do ? Cut her now and appreciate that or let her go to full ripeness ?
BTW she is my only plant, 1,6m high, I guess at least 50 grams hanging on it by now. Massive buds but not yet fully filled in.
Cheers and thanks for your suggestions !!!


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U got pollinated by a male that was around as pollen can travel many miles with the wind. I found one seed in my Pakistani too and she didn't self-pollinate.
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Thanks Contradino.... while its possible I kind of doubt it. She is in a basement room, no windows to outside, and we live very rural. I dont think she could have been pollinated. But the question stays, harvest now or let her go on ? I feel that I should probably let her go on.
I would say let her for for the duration. Pull seeds out when you go to smoke, if you find there are too many seeds shred her and make butter.