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Advocate Tries to Minimize Medical Marijuana Confusion

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Speaking of law enforcement, Michigan's medical marijuana law is hazy to say the least. But one Michigander has written a guide to help spell out the law for patients and caregivers. He calls it the medical marijuana handbook.

For local dipensary owners medical marijuana is a passion paired with a lot of risk.

"I am fearful everyday that something is going to happen because the laws aren't clearly written," said Lansing dispensary owner, Sharess Witherell.

One medical marijuana advocate who helped draft California's lenient medical marijuana laws says Michigan's law is full of holes.

"Some patients who have twelve plants will find that when you harvest twelve plants you could have more than 2.5 ounces of medical marijuana. Therefore, by following the law you just broke the law. There's a lot of confusion as to what the laws actually are," said author and advocate, Michael Malott.

In his handbook, Malott tries to minimize the confusion for patients and caregivers so they can go from a starter plant to the final product legally in Michgian.

But, the county prosecutor is skeptical.

"Buyers beware," warned Ingham County Prosecutor Stuart Dunnings. "If anybody thinks that this book completely sets forth the framework of how to comply with he medical marijuana law, I would be very skeptical unless it is very strict and narrow interpretation of the law."

The prosecutor says under the current measure, dispensaries are breaking the law, and penalties could be just a matter of time.

"All of this is illegal under federal law. The feds could come in and arrest everyone doing everything. There is nothing in the medical marijuana law that provides for dispensaries. Therefore, since the law does not provide for them, they are not allowed," said Dunnings.

Dispensary owners say they hope lawmakers will rewrite the rules so they can follow them.

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