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Aerating nutrient solution for soil

Sam Spader

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Hello 420!!! I love this site! Fairly new grower looking for some knowledge. I grow in soil using organic liquid nutes. Wondering if I should be aerating my solution? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks all!


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Good question. Wish there was more info on

How you store nute solution.

If it's open (uncapped) and stirred every so often then it will have its dissolved oxygen at 100% for its temp

(Tempature of solution is directly related to how much oxygen it can hold. Colder water holds more. Warmer holds less. Perfect for our plants is around 69F)

If it is all sealed and no oxygen can naturally diffuse into water then it may be less.

Oxygen from the atmosphere naturally saturates water with oxygen because of osmosis or diffusion I can't remember which term it is.

So if it's all sealed and you never stir it. Get good airstone to turn on before u water. If u mix up right before u water and stir it good you'll be fine.

If it's hydro and u got plants sucking the oxygen out, air stone constantly to replace oxygen.

I leave my 30 gal res with no plants sealed but manually aerate daily a little just to be sure.

Also if your leaving open res in sealed co2 enriched room co2 will diffuse or through osmosis become dissolved in water and become reactive in nute solution. Juts something to keep in mind.

Free oxygen in water won't seep out over time naturally, it will remain saturated because of atmospheric pressure forcing oxygen into the water. As long as there is some movement in the water and unsealed.

Out of faucet water can be over 100% saturation. So can cold saturated water that has been heated without being disrupted. The oxygen will not have dissipated to match the lower holding capacity of the higher temp water because water is not being moved at all or surface broken.

So short answer. Keep water temps right, stir up stuff before use and every now again( you gotta check ph anyway) and you should be fine.

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