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Aero Garden Grow With Pics


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Hi everyone. I am 35 yrs old and new to this. I have several stomach issues since I was 19. My gallbladder has been removed. I have bile and acid reflux, IBS, gastroparesis, and ulcers covering my stomach lining. I can't eat very much at a time and foods are limited to what I can have. Im always losing weight and in pain. My doctors have tried so many dif medicines. Some worked ok and others not at all. Smoking has helped the most. I don't have a lot of money to spend with all the dr appts and medicine I have to pay for. But here's for trying w little to start. I got an aero garden as a gift the plant started as seed and has been in it for almost 3 wks. My 2 little potted plants we're in aero garden for 2 weeks and now potted for 5 days. The plant in the bigger pot has been in soil whole time some where between 4 to 6 wks I can't remember. I kno I will need more lights and things for aero garden. My other plants are in big sunroom attached to back of house. So there's big open windows all the way around but ac from house goes out there.







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Re: Hi from tx w/ pics

The problem will be how to hang the lights. The sun is probably always the best light, but they can absorb light to grow constantly, I went to the big hardware store, and got:

An adapter to add lights to a ceiling fan.
3 porcelain splitters in the electric dept.
a 12 foot extension cord
6 x 100 W CFLs (Shop closely. You want 6500K, Daylight.

Here's the ladies. Watering them tonight.

Close up of the lights:

Perspective. The Indica is Female White Widow.

As Babies :)


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Re: Hi from tx w/ pics

:welcome: Celeise! You can find allot of do it yourself videos online to explain step by step how to make different do it yourself light fixtures. You can also check mine out in my thread, i put together an 8 bulb fixture for around $65. As KROQ stated you want 6500k bulbs for veg and 2700k for flowering. (i like to run a mix of both throughout the grow). :goodluck:


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I went today and got a small thing of nutrients. The gh brand. I kno a lot of people say it's not the best but it's a start. I cleaned out base, added new water, and only added a quater of what they recommend for its week of nutrients. I'll take pictures after a few days and post. We're gonna go this weekend to get the lights we need we only have 2700k on hand.


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Ok so we left Sunday afternoon out of town to family and got back this morning. Idk if I left the light to low or if put to much nutrients. So I'm going to clean it out to fresh water and level ph. I'll get the pic of the poor thing on here in min. But I got another aerogarden for free. Family got it and used the herbs and stuff out of it but when lights went out and they went to order more they said it wasn't worth it. Well I can work w stuff and learn what idk. So I took it apart and converted it to regular bulbs. I'll get those pics on here to


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Here is the aerogarden conversion. Using it for seedlings. I might leave one in there and see but not sure yet. The bigger one in back was one I had in dirt but it wasn't doing to well. I washed its roots off and stuck it in there to see how it does.


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Thank you I like his journal. I'll eventually get better at mine as I'm learning. There's a lot of journals on here that r good. I've been slowly reading thur some of them when I can


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Well my journal will end w nothing. We have a family member w a young child needing to stay w us for awhile so off to the trash it goes and back to more pills for stomach conditions.


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