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Aero Tube in DS60 with 250 watt light? Help Appreciated

Jack Dabs

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Hi Wonderful 420'ers

I am having some heat issues in my tent. Temps get up to around 33c at times and one of my plants is definitely a little heat stressed in places. I have just received a clip on fan and put it in yesterday blowing over the tops so probably a bit too soon to tell if it's doing the job. I raised my lights another inch so they are now about 9' above the tallest cola.

My question is this. I have found what looks awesome it's called an aero tube and it seems like the best cool tube option for me. I have a 2x2x5 tent (DS60) which is obviously pretty small. Quite cluttered with the fan, carbon filter and light in there already. You guys think my tent is big enough to fit one in?

Also my current set up is carbon filter -> ducting -> fan -> ducting leading out of the tent.

Would I be correct in assuming I could set it up the following way:

carbon filter -> ducting -> fan (attached to tube) - ducting out the other end of the tube -> out the tent???


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Re: Aero Tube in DS60 with 250 watt light??? Help Appreciated.

Yes, my set up is carbon filter ducted to a cool tube light fixture connected with ducting to the fan drawing the heat and air out of the closet. This in a tent just a bit larger than your 2x2x5. I have been able to mount the fan on the outside top of the tent giving more room inside the tent.
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