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AeroPonic 60 Site AeroFlow - Crop King Seeds - 4 Strains


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Hey guys,

I am an exp grower back to the site. I use to go by a diff name on here. I had to make some changes.
So I am very big in Aeroponics, I swear by it. Faster, bigger yields.

I will get you some pictures later today.

So to give you an idea of my setup. I am running a 5x9 gorilla tent, no extension
General hydroponic 60 site AeroFlo system
Lumatek 120/240 digital dimable ballasts 1000 watts along with raptor reflector and hortilux bulbs
The lights are a completely sealed System completely cooled by exterior air with hurricane fans.
Environment is fully automated with reservoir chiller, autopilot light controller and autopilot master controller with Co2.

I am running Technaflora nutrients.

At this point in time I have 40 Fem AutoFlower seeds in their second week of veg.

I have 27 other fem seeds that just popped that I am going to plant in 3 gallon containers with coco.

Currently my room is on 24 hour light, avg temps 75, Hummidy around 70%, half strength nutes at 900 ppm with a ph range of 5.5-6.5. I try to keep it around 5.7. Water chiller is constantly at 70F

Strains in growing
Northern Lights - Auto Flower Fem
Jack Herer - Auto Flower Fem
Train Wreck - Auto Flower Fem
NYC Diesel - Auto Flower Fem
Green Crack - Feminized Seeds
Bubba Kush - Feminized Seeds
OG Kush Fem auto
Master Kush fem
Bubbleluscious auto fem
Auto indicate fem

Stinky Snid

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Sounds like a promising journal to subscribe to. I'll be watching and learning, aeroponics Is very cool and new to me. Good luck to you,

KIG :green_heart:cheers


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At this point in time. I only have one light running and i am only using a portion of the net cups. I am going to remove two rails and move all plants in to the remaining pods to give me more space for the 27 other larger plants coming in to the room. Again they will be in 3 gallon pots and i am going to access how much lighting i want to run in this 5x9. The bible formulas supports around 2400 watts but i may go more. maybe two 1000 watt raptor lights and 3 600 smaller reflectors.


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So update on everything so far.

So for the first few weeks I have been using this system as a dwc setup by keeping the tubes flooded. Now that the roots dropped I have lowered the water level in the tubes to actually run as aeroponic setup. I also lowered my light down to about 8in above the plants.
Forgot to mention I don't use root 66 in my nute line. I use great white.

My plants are showing a sign of some nute burn, so I am going to flush them today with R.O. Water. My roots also have a brown discoloration, however it just looks like they were died from the nute water being brown. I also completely forgot to wash my hydrocorn, so it died the water.

A few of my fem seeds sprouted.

Everything still the same, temps 72, humid 70%, ppm 950, ph 5.8, water temp 70

I think I am going to have to buy a new humidifier, doesn't seem to work consistently. Also thinking about putting a sentimental night/day temp on the fan for the lights to save electric and use the free heat.


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So i went to do my flush and found out i didn't have enough R.O Water. I have a stealthR100 which is setup which should produce 1 gallon of R.o for every 2 gallons of waste water. My pressure of water was in the green at 40 lbs but apparently it needs to be higher because my RO filter is not producing like it should be. more like a 1 to 5 ratio. I ordered a restrictor and boost pump so hopefully that will help it be on a 1 to 1 ratio.

I let my partner convince me to use tap water after an hour of arguing. The ppm in the tap is at 180. We are flushing for 24-48 hours with no notes. Then will drain and use R.o water.



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Alright Guys so new update. So i flushed with RO water the next day after using tap. And then went 1/3 strength on nutes. Today i added another 1/3 of nutes and started C02 at 750 yesterday. Lights have been on 24 hours. They are going on 18/6 today.

Res Temp 68F
Room Temp 74F
Humid 70%
Lights 24 hours
C02 750
Ph 6.1
PPM 1040

Still show some signs of nute burn but seem to be less stressed and recovering.

Massive growth, for all the non believers of Aeroponics.

Stinky Snid

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So checked the plants today and they deff look like they doubles in size. I did some defoliation and got about a blue bag full of water leaves. The plants deff drank a lot prob about 8 gallons of water plus my dehumidifier recycles the water back to the res. Plus my ppm dropped about 300. I gave the plants the last 1/3 of nutes to be at full strength.

1270 ppm
5.8 ph
73F room
750 co2
75% humid
68F water temp



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So just wanted to give a shout out to 420's Sponsor Crop King seeds. All of these plants are from them. Deff a great exp with their seeds. They all popped quick and the strains are doing beautiful in our system.

deff will continue to use their seeds


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So I did some more defoliation for more light penetration. Pictures above are before and after.

Ppm 900
Ph 5.9
Res 68
Room 72
Co2 600 ran out of co2 getting more today
Humid 60%

Still showing some signs of nute burn.

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