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Aeroponics collars...which part of the stem should be above the soil?

count duckula

New Member

I'm getting ready to transplant my clones from the ez-cloner to soil.:cheer:

Which part of the stem (above or below the neoprene collar) should be above the soil?


count duckula

New Member
Glad you replied, I was about to put the leaves in the dirt.:lot-o-toke::laugh:

Didn't know if the stem in the neoprene could stay above or needed to go below.


New Member
:19::laugh2::welldone: - Josh

Count - didn't reply as I would have said the same thing as Josh and I knew that "Green side up or down" wasn't really what you were asking. Thanks for the laugh Josh, and thanks for being such a good sport Count. Good to start the day out with a chuckle.
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