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Aeroponics - Ultra-sonic mister 1st trial


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well I did it went out to a big garden place and got an ultrasonic mister/fogger and tried it as a mist system for cloning

--- deep square cat litter bucket with lid cut for 3 or 4 inch pot

pot with pearlite

mister with floaterbuoy
water to about 3/4 plus full

2 liter bottle bottom cut for humidity dome

well i put water in the bucket and put the mister and buoy in and closed things up put the pot in the opening and filled it with pearlite put cuttings in the pearlite and put the dome on did a cutting in dirt same day to compare

first five days no problems then mister cuttings stared looking bad pulled pot out to check mist like a dense microscopic fog but it felt hot i put a thermometer in the mist and it registered 100 % F left therm. in mist bucket for two days light on and off temp never went down below 95 % went back to pearlite capillary in a tray of water cloner pot pearlite tray cuttings /clones water and light
CFL works good gently pour some water through the pot and pearlite& clones went refreshing the tray

but anyhow back to the mister perhaps a large DWC
rubbermaid or 32 gallon trash can based would work well
with the mister with a much larger volume of air or a source of fresh cool air to keep the mist around 70 % or so with
a big air stone etc would probably be killer and easy am thinking porcelein pickle crock on cement floor with thick
wood or plastic board on top drilled to fit tubing and pots
would keep water from absorbing much heat from the lights and would probably do fine on fresh air with a big aquarium air pump outside the the grow on the floor in a cool place ....
make the tops oversize so several crocks together would shade fit together to shade each others sides has anyone out there used pickle or sauerkraut crocks for hydro tanks i'd think on a concrete floor with some outside insulation they would keep near the floor temp inside even if the air is 90% plus out side in the bright light will have to get a remote temp equip. and play with this

the short of it if you've done hydro a while this mister looks
like a great way to go aeroponic especially if you have channel or pipe mister had 1 mist head remotecontrol
and buoy 45$ will try again when i have parts for a channel flow loop system hooked to a mist chamber with a blower

hope this inspires some new easy DIY systems


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Re: aeroponics-- ultra-sonic mister 1st trial...

by the way til i get new gear for next try i'm using the mister as a pretty kool out door lava light in the yard LED s light up the mist and you can turn them off change the lights with a remote...
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