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AF and lighting?


I have 2 grow areas.
First using 6 x 26W, 1700 lumens, 6400K CFL in an area 2' x 3' x 4'. Lighting is 19/5.
This area has been created to pollinate some plants for seeds.

Second area is 2'x6'x6.5'.
This grow area is using 8 x T8 bulbs 6500K. All females in this area.
Lighting is 19/5.

Since I had no idea I was growing Autos, I had planned to switch the lighting to 12/12 and get 2700K bulbs.
I understand that changing the schedule will not make a difference but will changing the Spectrum of the bulbs do anything? Possibly going with 2700K bulbs or a mix of 2700K and 6500K?
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