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Afghan Kush single leaf curl fungus? Help!


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Okay so here is a few pictures of my issue.
The plant looks green & healthy with bud here & there the major issue being the single leafs the multi leafs steaming out onto said other leafs & a single leaf curl fungi or whatever on the plant. Would be much appreciated for the help. Could possibly save my White Widow if so. :roorrip:


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wow man sorry to see that. i would agree with the bad genetics statement. and watch out for that powdery mold too

Dirt Farmer

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It is genetic IMHO...this is a white strain, I have a PPP white strain that will do that...make sure your PH is right jic and let it grow...you will continue to see leaves do that but if your lucky by the time the buds fatten out it wont matter at all.

I have never really noticed any negative other than appearance, though it usually happens much later in flower if it does it.


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I have the same thing happening to mine and it is the same type of plant. I live in the SF northbay area and got them from a local club. I was wondering if it was isolated to the area.

Thanks All


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What it looks like to me is that you tooks clones from a plant that was put into flowering. This will always happen and is normal if that is the case...
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