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African Sun And Indoor Gardening: Pushing My Own Boundaries


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Starting with the new seeds and seedlings.
I am hatching some Durban poison seeds. These have been soaking in water for a couple of days and when cracked open put straight into the red cups. I am waiting for those to push through the seedling mix.

Oh and a Northern lights male from which I am going to harvest some pollen and then destroy.

In my seedling/clone fridge are two clones and some more DP seeds. One seedling has pushed through so far.

I have made some changes to my setup to add more light to the veg cupboard. The floodlight I had in this fridge is now part of my veg cupboard setup.


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The Veg cupboard has lights added and is doing much better.


The floodlight from my fridge is now in this cupboard and I have added another light for a little extra.
I have to turn these plants.
1 Greene Crack
2 Lemon somethings
1 Lemon something clone

I am going to put them into 48h darkness tomorrow then into the greenhouse. Flowering is becoming an issue now.
I am working on an indoor flowering box to continue with flowering as we move into longer daylight hours.
As I get that sorted out I will post pics

Moving on to the greenhouse


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It's spring time. Yeeha. Awesome stuff strain. Where are the Durbans from?
These are from seeds I got while working on another farm in my area. They were bought seeds but When I was in his greenhouse I noticed a number of different strains with males as well. So they will not be pure DP.


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In The Greenhouse the Green Crack plants are doing well



And the one in the corner


All Green Crack's in the greenhouse.
In the second pic foreground is a lemon something I am waiting to show sex.

A little White Widow In the back corner

And Stitched up Kush

My plan to put The auto's into the greenhouse backfired a bit as they just moved out of veg early and started flowering. This one is ok ish. Two are males and the other is flowering at third leaf set already.
Next time Strain, next time......

And that is a complete update...

Peace to all
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Carmen Ray

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Monday morning after a very busy weekend. My son's engagement party on Friday night, my own birthday braai ( barbeque ) on Saturday. This was hosted by my stepdaughter and husband fortunately. Then a band practice on Sunday, in preparation for a farm jam on the 29th of this month. ( this coming Sunday ) We have another practice on Thursday eve.
I have finished work on a game farm for now. I have more work on this farm so a good customer.
here are some pics for those that are interested, before I start posting updates on the plants.


That's the new kitchen

And the scullery attached to the kitchen


A display unit in the kitchen area

And some Built in cupboards in the bedroom



This took me 19 working days working on my own

Now I can move on to some updates on they plants.
Jolly well done. That's a great job you have done there, Strain


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The last day of September. Some changes made moving plants around and seedlings coming up.
Firstly the seedlings have mostly surfaced. These are of Durban Poison heritage but the greenhouse I got them from had a number of males of different genetics.

The Northern lights clone is in the center. The original plant turned out to be a man. If I keep it I will just harvest pollen.

In the veg cupboard a Lemon something clone. All the other plants went through a 36 hour darkness shock and are now in the greenhouse.

So where did they go to?


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To the Greenhouse.
Green Crack Looking good.
Plant one


I have taken some early bud from this plant
Plant two


For a Green Crack it has some interesting purple colors coming through. I thought I got my stickers/tags mixed when I first saw the colors. Just a different phenotype I guess.
Plant Three


Developing very nicely

And the White Widow. She's taking her time and does not seem to enjoy the Greenhouse as much as the Green Crack

All the plants have the same feeding schedule but she looks like she is eating herself up. In contrast to the other plants.

Next, the plants that came out of 36 hours of darkness.


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The plants moved from the veg cupboard

In front the final Green Crack, in the center are two Lemon Somethings and in the center a clone branch. Unmarked and a mystery at present.
One for @Smeegol . One Stitched up kush auto that has made a go of it.

Also the first Lemon Something That I saved from the veg cupboard light failure

So glad to see at least some promise. We shall wait and see
And then............


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I am busy making some Glycerin oil
One pot, a glass jar, cloth, and water. Oh, this is 100ml Food grade glycerin and around 4grams of ground weed.

Don't apply direct heat. Lowest level on stove plate. keep going for between 36 -48 hours and fill to just over the level of glycerin in the jar as the water evaporates. water added must be boiling water so as not to crack the glass jar.
I have used a coffee filter to filter the plant matter out

The left over plant matter and glycerin in the matter can be used for baking or cooking.

And some seedlings just gone underground. Also DP something
There we go.
All up to date
Peace and green fingers to all
:peace: :meatballs:


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What's the vibe with the 36 hours dark? Is it to induce flowering?
That is correct Mr Lerugged.
A little shock treatment. I don't usually do this but Spring is here and I may have run out of time to Flower my remaining veg plants


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That is correct Mr Lerugged.
A little shock treatment. I don't usually do this but Spring is here and I may have run out of time to Flower my remaining veg plants
Cool. I have a couple in flower now just hoping they will be done by mid Nov as that's really my deadline for finishing or they reveg. I should be ok.


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Computer problems
So now I have to use my phone again
So an update
Starting with seeds about to be popped
These are Cali Orange x Super lemon haze from a seed exchange.
Thanks to @Smeegol

Going into red plastic cups

I have tried the banana peel in a bag with seeds, these are an experiment to see how this works for femming seeds
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In my veg cupboard the DP seedlings are chugging along

Some of these are gowing to a friend for a outdoor grow
Two have already gone
The rest I will grow in the greenhouse hopefully
Will be a long grow through to March April next year


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I am still trying to decide if I should use the fridge for flowering or change the Veg cupboard
In the mean time I have started flowering a male Northern Lights and girl Lemon Something to see how the cross comes out

The pair
The girl


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The Greenhouse plants slowly being harvested

These are mostly stripped
I left a bit for possible re-veg
Center left is a Cali Orange clone.
Then what's left of the White Widow in the corner

And the Stiched Up kush in front

And the one Lemon Something that is doing well


The last of the Green Crack plants



Winter is over
From now on it's all vegging plants
In the greenhouse I think
And thats all for now
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